My 91 year old husband has a problem with keeping his weight up along with maintaining a nutritious diet. I researched and tried many brands and found Lutrish the best.  It is not chalky or metalic tasting as most brands and easy to fix. After a lengthy hospital and rehab stay, he weighed 101 pounds.  Lutrish helped him reach a healthy 135 pounds. Many thanks Lutrish.

– Marie D., Florida

Because I suffer from having a rancid taste of everything I eat or drink, I needed to supplement my diet with something to increase my calorie intake.  I found that Lutrish works best for me.  I drink two to three portions daily and I find the shake easy to drink and does not leave a bad after taste. 

– Robert P., California

My son’s oncologist suggested Lutrish because he was having a difficult time with food.  I ordered a case for him to try and he LOVED IT.  I use the chocolate Lutrish and add ice to it with milk and put it in the blender.  He says it’s amazing!!!

– Kate W., Minnesota

My Doctor recommended Lutrish when I needed to be on a liquid diet. I drink Vanilla and really enjoy the taste.

– David M., Pennsylvania

Lutrish has helped me maintain my weight.  I have Cystic Fibrosis and weight loss and stomach issues are a constant issue.  Lutrish is gentle on my stomach and helps me keep my weight up.  Highly recommend.

– Chloe G., Ohio

I was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy called OPMD. There is no cure yet. It basically restricts me from eating solid food. I’ve been living with it for about 10 years now and am 44 years old and I have been on a liquid diet since. After Scandishake was discontinued, I found Lutrish online and was given a free sample after talking with the very kind owners. It tastes almost exactly like my old shakes and very close to the calorie count as well! I am so thankful for Lutrish and the nutrients it gives me daily and the compassion from the company and the fast shipping! Please don’t ever stop making them as my doctors and I contribute me being alive still with the help of Lutrish shakes!!! 

– Dale C., West Virginia